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Nutritional Counseling in Dublin, PAThe American Chiropractic Council (ACA) highly recommends nutritional counseling as a safe, effective and essential component of one’s chiropractic regimen.  Nutritional guidance can directly and positively impact the overall success of chiropractic care.

When you visit our clinic, Dr. Matthew Savona will discuss various dietary options with you and assist you in choosing the most agreeable yet nutritious solution. Chiropractic care generally incorporates nutritional counseling as well as prescribed routine exercises. We assist you in making sure your body receives the nutritional resources to undergo vast transformation, repair and renewal.

Doctor supervised nutritional counseling helps patients to achieve optimal health and wellness

As part of a total wellness program, we incorporate clinical nutrition along with chiropractic and other forms of alternative healthcare.  This is designed to provide each patient with a long-term solution to living a happier and healthier lifestyle.  We will recommend foods to avoid as well as healthy meal options designed to increase your energy and boost your immune system.

Proper nutritional benefits

  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Allergy Relief
  • Boosted Immunity

Some conditions that see improvement through proper nutritional guidance

  • Alzheimers Disease
  • Anxiety & Poor Concentration
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Diabetes & High Blood Pressure
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue
  • Menopause & Insomnia
  • Parasites
  • Parkinsons Disease
  • Rosacea, Chronic Fatigue & Poor Digestion
  • Viral Warts

Doctor recommended butritional supplements

Dr. Savona recommends only the most beneficial supplements to his patients at Savona Family Chiropractic. We have partned with Standard Process at our facility. Since 1929, Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy introduced by Dr. Royal Lee. Discover just how resilient your body can be when given the proper nutrition.

More often than not, your body sometimes just doesn’t have the tools of nutrition to actually heal or prevent disease. The right supplements help the body to function, heal after injury and bring internal balance to your whole system.  Supplements are the building blocks that help create a whole diet plan, and is an often overlooked yet vital step for having a healthy body. Patients can receive a consultation and a program for what kind of supplements are perfect for their body.

Standard Process supplements recommended at our clinic can help with:

  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Blood Sugar
  • Auto Immune Disorders
  • Headaches
  • Weight Loss Plans
  • Holistic Healing for Chronic Pain

Weight loss and weight management with Isagenix

It goes without saying that nutrition and weight loss go hand-in-hand.  An integral part of losing weight is knowing which foods your body can handle and which it is rejecting.  Our team has the ability to tell you with certainty which foods are going to assist you best in keeping you full and helping you to lose weight.

Our clinic is proud to recommenced Isagenix weight loss products to our patients.  Isagenix is one of the world’s fastest growing companies because of their science based products that have shown unbelievable results.  You can view some of their amazing product lines by clicking on the link below.

Click here to learn more about Isagenix Weight Loss at Savona Family Chiropractic

Nutritional counseling at Savona Family Chiropractic

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