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Weight Loss in Dublin, PAStudies show that calories are only a small part of the weight loss picture.  More important are other factors which include sleeping habits, stress, hormones, the balance of nutrients in your diet, exercise programs, the balance of nutrients in your diet and your metabolic makeup.

At the Savona Family Chiropractic, your total health picture is analyzed to determine how these factors contribute to your weight issues.  Our approach is to restore your health, energy, strength, and vitality so that weight loss is a natural by-product. Weight loss shouldn’t be torturous, and certainly shouldn’t be an assault on your metabolism.  When your body is healthy, being slim and fit is a natural, painless result.

Here are the 7 key factors that determine weight loss

  1. Cravings
  2. Nutrients (not calories)
  3. Optimal Exercise
  4. Energy Levels
  5. Stress Levels
  6. Sleep
  7. Negative Body Factors

Isagenix weight loss program at our clinic

Isagenix International is a maker of supplements focused on cleansing toxins and fat from the body. Products include a nine-day cleanse and fat flush and a 30-day cleanse and fat flush are the main weight-loss programs. Both plans involve substantial meal and dietary supplementation.

Each version of the Isagenix Cleanse and Fat Flush System is broken into shake days and cleanse days. On both types of days, dieters use a combination of Isagenix products and approved snacks for the majority of their meals, in conjunction with supplements designed to increase energy and weight loss.

It is important to meet with and discuss the plan in detail with Dr. Savona before taking any supplements or starting any cleansing programs.  Dr. Savona is specially trained to guide his patients through the process of safely losing weight with this amazing supplement program.

Doctor supervised weight loss at Savona Family Chiropractic

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